Written by Catherine Spinola, the Duke's Nose Series is a collection of children's books about a Yorkshire Terrier named Duke who has a very unique nose.  In this delightful series of books the reader travels with Duke and his wondrous nose to different places.  A child not only has an adventure of fun but learns through repetition and imagination.  

The idea for the character was inspired by Catherine's own Yorkshire Terrier named Duke who had an unusually large nose.  She came up with the concept for the Duke's Nose Series after her daughter Danielle Forbes had created the illustration for a high school project about their family pet.  What began as an art drawing has now become a series for learning for children ages 3 to 8.

Featured is Duke's Day at the Farm: Shapes which is the second in the series and you can also purchase Duke's Day at Home: Colors which is the first book.  Look for the next two books in the series Duke's Day at the Pet Store: Numbers  and Duke's day at the Park: Sports... Coming soon....

The Duke's Nose Series

"Duke's Nose Series"

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     Excerpt from the Duke's Nose Series
       "Duke's Day at the Farm: Shapes"
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